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  • January 13, 2012
    Health Camp has been setup to offer FREE treatment & medicine at Biswa Ijtema ground.
  • December 28, 2011
    Blanket distribution to the poor & stipends giving cermony to students at Boria village.
  • February 09, 2011
    RTV has become Official Media Partner.
  • March 29, 2011
    QISMF partners with Viola Vitalis to fight arsenic.

Program Name: Quranic School

Task ID: 08012012-Edu
Date of commence: August 01, 2012
Program Type: Revolving


Early Islamic Education For The Children and Qu'ranic Teaching For The Working Adults in Collaboration With A Local Mosque In Mirpur-12, Dhaka.


Qur'an is the holiest script for the Muslims that is considered as the prime source of most authentic revealed
knowledge. The Qur'an, which is the most respected book for Muslims, stresses on the supremacy of knowledge
and repeatedly commands to do and promote righteous deeds (maruf) and block harmful wrong doings (munkar)
which are pivotal to development activities. Unfortunately, over 90% of the Muslim population does not know
how to read the Qur'an, the holy book that they love more than their own lives and effects, let alone
understanding the teachings thereof. This is simply due to lack of facility at social level and lack of financial
capability at individual and family levels. Notwithstanding the fact that the government of Bangladesh is
committed to establishing adequate number of schools, colleges and universities and many non-governmental
individuals and entities are putting so much efforts for the advancement of education, the conventional
education system is not responsible for teaching the population how to read the Qur'an and how to integrate the
teachings thereof into the mainstream education system of this Muslim nation. As such, a Muslim who passes
through all levels of education and receives the highest degree, PhD for example, in the conventional system,
remains ignorant in the reading and teachings of the Qur'an unless taught in a family environment or through
personal efforts or educated in purely religious education system. Therefore, QIS Memorial Foundation
(QISMF) is firmly committed to providing all facilities to teach the urban and village children how to read the
Qur'an for which a Qur'anic school has been established at the local mosque in Mirpur-12 area for under
privileged children coming from low income families for a FREE teaching. Of highlight, the school holds
classes for children in the early morning, two batches of children during the day time and one batch of working
class elderly people at night. The school has full time teachers who are well trained in scientific method of
teaching the Qur'an in most perfect and efficient way as opposed to the traditional unscientific way.


Total 60 students learn in daily basis in two batches.


Total 55 working adults attend evening class daily.


Subject to availability of resources, QISMF is determined to gradually expand the school to all other villages
and cover all Muslim population especially in the districts of Kushtia and Khulna as the first phase under the
Qur'anic teaching program with aim to turn them righteous material human beings who can participate and
partner development activities as effective and efficient agents of change. An estimated amount of $120 per
month per school
will allow QISMF to expand the Qur'anic school program with significant impact on the
ground and cover many villages. QISMF plans to setup at least 10 new schools at village mosques within this
year for which donations and sponsorship opportunity is open for all. The Prophet (pbuh) said, "the best
amongst you is the one who learns and teaches the Qur'an".



Program Name: Stipend to Boria School

Task ID: 28122011-Edu
Date of commence: December 28, 2011
Program Type: Revolving



An annual stipend giving program has been taken up by QISM in the name of Late Engr. Quamrul Islam Siddique to encourage & motivate students in the village school & college at Boria, Kushtia. Every year best performing boys and girls in their class are to be awarded in this program.



A school and vocational training instituation continues to equip villagers in Bangladesh:


There was no high school within 6 km area of this village and no education for the girls. In Jan, 1995, as approved by the Government, Begum Hamida Siddique Secondary School was established by Late  Nurul Siddique - a renowned social leader in Kushtia with the support of Late Engr. Quamrul I. Siddique (QIS). The school was started with 195 students and 6 teachers to impart education for students starting from class VI-VIII in a three-room tin shed building. In December, 1997, the school got approved by the Government as a Secondary School in Science, Commerce (with computer education) and Humanities. In 1996-97 financial year, construction of a four-storied building started. In 1998, the number of students increased to 493. With the aim to impart vocational training to the students side by side with traditional education, ‘Electrical Wiring’ and ‘Tailoring & Dress Making’ subjects were introduced later on in 1999, ‘Radio & TV’ subject was also started. To meet the demand of higher education in the rural area, two subjects were started in 1998 – Business Management and Computer technology. From the modest start, Begum Hamida Siddique Collegiate School now is a four-storied building equipped with all educational facilities and the school has reflected modern technological integration like solar panel for electrification and Wind Mills for lifting ground water for drinking purposes. Under the guidance of 21 strong teaching staff, the institute now has excelled in all walks of educational, social and native cultural life, sports and other extracurricular activities with 604 students now enrolled out of which 297 are girls students. The school is now not just an academic establishment. Along with the promotion of academic learning as its main function, the institution fosters moral development and uphold spiritual values in the forefront of its activities. This will be as true for the school in the future as it has been throughout its distinguished history. The goal remains not only to train the minds of young people, but also to imbibe them with such moral and spiritual characteristics that they will reflect throughout their lives the spirit of QIS and the principles of its faith in service to mankind.


QIS Memorial Foundation has pledged to extend its continued support for further development of this village school by promoting and assisting educational programs and encourage village girls to avail higher education.