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  • January 13, 2012
    Health Camp has been setup to offer FREE treatment & medicine at Biswa Ijtema ground.
  • December 28, 2011
    Blanket distribution to the poor & stipends giving cermony to students at Boria village.
  • February 09, 2011
    RTV has become Official Media Partner.
  • March 29, 2011
    QISMF partners with Viola Vitalis to fight arsenic.
  • To undertake and carry on any humanitarian or charitable program for the poor and under privileged people.
  • To take up programs to distribute relief among the neglected, poverty stricken in the event of any natural calamity like flood, storm, cyclone and earthquake.
  • To distribute books free of cost among the poor students of school, college and University for the purpose of amelioration of the quality of education.
  • To establish, run and maintain school, college and such other educational institution both general and technical formal and non formal education program for the purpose of diffusion of useful knowledge among the people.
  • To establish library and reading room for the members and for the use of general public for the purpose of promotion of education and culture.
  • To arrange/take up training activities of improved educational program for literate, and half educated people for the purpose of increasing capability of works.
  • To establish libraries, reading room, study center for developing the habit of study for their benefit.
  • To take grants, technical expertise or other help, needed for its smooth operation, functioning and development and for overall betterment of disadvantage Men. Women, Children surroundings and environment from local and international donor agencies, Banks, Government or alike.
  • To publish rare/old manuscript of the lost folklore of the country including the myth book after being collected them.
  • To arrange exhibition of the fine art/painting through display center/museum and mobile museum.
  • To arrange display of sculpture/collection of painting through museum and mobile museum.
  • To arrange painting collection by establishing educational institution of the arts.
  • To take up program for promotion of literature, fine art, science and education.
  • To undertake motivation work among the human being/public to create awareness on literature, arts science and their rights and basic needs and rights.
  • To undertake program for educational research on archeology and historical relies.
  • To collect and preserve mechanical and scientific map and design for the benefit of members and the general public.
  • To establish technical and vocational schools to create employment among disadvantaged community.
  • To establish & run rural/urban medical clinics to treat needy & poor citizens.
  • To educate youths on ICT (Information & Communication Technology) through hands on trainings and try to employ them.
  • To offer stipends/awards to students, prominent persons in the society for their achievements.
  • To create social awareness to fight against drug abuse & terrorism.
  • To conduct seminars/meetings on Greenhouse effect and create awareness to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • To deliver free medicine and vaccine to poor and under privileged citizens.
  • To establish day care centers for children of the working poor families in urban & rural cities.